Donate to Help Us Combat Pesticide Threats in Maryland

Protecting Maryland's Babies, Bees and the Bay Ecosystem

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Protecting Maryland's Babies, Bees and the Bay Ecosystem

We're raising funds to fight increasing threats to Maryland

We have made great progress in all these areas, with your help this year we'll be able to continue:

  • Helping protect our honeybees and pollinations with 4 first-in the nation pollinator-protecting state laws! Helping bees survive and thrive on solar farms, in backyards, in parks through our advocacy campaigns.
  • Bringing diverse stakeholders together to collaborate through our Pesticides & the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Project Conference and 3 Working Groups focused on Research, Agriculture, and Healthy Alternatives, continuing 15 years of working collaboration.
  • Providing requested research and data for legislators concerning PFAS in pesticides and the need for PFAS testing before these pesticides are allowed in our state.
  • Advocating for health, safety, and environmental justice for food and farm workers who feed us—we promoted protection policies for these workers in the pandemic.
  • Launching our nationally groundbreaking website to identify safer disinfectants instead of pesticide-registered disinfectants that carry serious health risks for schools, the healthcare industry, and the public.
  • Teaching hospitals and schools how to eliminate using toxic pesticides that endanger patients, students, and staff health.
  • Promoting healthy soils that sequester carbon.
  • Driving systemic change and consumer demand away from chemical-intensive products and practices to organic via website's—helping you to "Vote with your wallet, vote with your fork!"
  • Advocating for safe pesticide-free land care in towns and counties.

Please donate now. Thank you!